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Are you looking for fast and effective pain relief?

Comon issues Bowen Therapy addresses....

Bowen Therapy for Back Pain Relief 

iStock_000021744826SmallBack pain – nothing is more debilitating for a person, or more challenging to live with as back pain. One of the major issues faced with back pain is identifying where in the spine the pain originates and then work with our client’s injuries to rebalance the area. By doing so Bowen Therapists not only ease the pain, but strive to bring the client back into balance with a pain free living environment.

Less pain equals more movement and better quality of life.

Bowen Therapy for a Sporting Injury

Getting over a sporting injury, have back pain or neck pain or just want relief from pain of any kind, Body Health can help. Talk to me and find out how the Bowen Technique can set you on the path to better health.
Do you have a Sports Injury? 

Is Bowen therapy safe to have while being pregnant? iStock_000018321379Small

A. Yes! Bowen Therapy is completely safe to use while pregnant.  Getting good circulation to a pregnant ladies feet and hands is what Bowen Therapy is all about. By using the Hamstring and Calf muscle procedures we are able to increase circulation to your feet. And as for the pain on the Gluteus Maximus, we have sacrum procedure to release the problem.

What my clients say....

Petra has been an amazing help to me with Bowen Therapy for my Lower back pain. I had 3 initial sessions after an old injury flared up in June last year. Since the 3 initial sessions I now have a Bowen Therapy session every month which has helped my back pain to the point where I no longer have taken any medication for nearly a year. I would fully recommend anyone to see Petra for Bowen Therapy.

Wayne T

Petra works magic! I hurt my knee and could not walk so the next day I went to Petra for Bowen and by that afternoon I was walking again. It was an amazing recovery and am thankful for her brilliant skills and knowledge 

Karen M

I first attended Bowen Body Health about 12 months ago. I had a bad back that had not been helped by numerous visits to my chiropractor. After a couple of visits I noticed a lot of improvement and have continued regular monthly visits. Last July following discussions with Petra I commenced weekly yoga classes and find my mobility has improved over time.

Jim M

And Thai Yoga Massage....

Wow! that was so relaxing I fell asleep. A great soft workout and stretch. I spent 1 month in Thailand this year and would have had about 20 Thai Yoga Massages from southern kKona Bch to northern Changmai, I must say Petra's massage was equal to!

June P

My Thai Yoga Massage was the most unique and effective massage I have ever had! I am amazed at how fluid and light my body feels afterwards. The gentle movements pressure and streatching have compleatly turned me to jelly. I have never felt more relaxed and compleate, thanks Petra!

Nichola W