About Me


Certificate 4 Bowen therapy

Diploma of Bowen therapy

Bowtech Certification

Accredited member Bowen Ass. of Aust.

Accredited Yoga Teacher

Thai Yoga Massage Therapist

Australian Bushflower essence consultant 

DoTERRA wellness advocate

What can Bowen Therapy do for you? My Story...

I first experienced Bowen after having sciatic nerve problems for many years, aggravated by the birth of my first child. 
After two sessions I was pain free! Two more pregnancy’s with no problem, as my body was balanced and prepared. 
My babies all received Bowen very early in their life, addressing problems like colic, digestive upset and sleep patterns.

After five years of using the Bowen Technique, I made the decision to change my career path and learn this technique. 
It has enriched my life; I want to share the benefits with every- body!

I have been using the Bowen Technique in my Business now for 12yrs.

The original Bowen Technique is extremely gentle and is helpful for everyone from pregnant women to newborn babies, the frail and the elderly. It can assist recovery from many conditions - traumatic injury to chronic illness, depending upon each individual’s capacity to heal.

Bowen therapy is versatile and a dynamic remedial therapy which assists with a varied assortment of health concerns.